Acupuncture Clinics

Treatments in the MEDICAL and EMERGENCY category include :

Take Control of your Well Being and De-Stress

Symptoms can creep up on us and then one day, we just don’t feel like our old selves anymore. A common culprit today is stress.  The body’s stress response was meant to be a short burst in order to help us fight or run.  Today the kind of low grade constant stress in our lives stops the body’s systems working well and can be difficult to switch off. Acupuncture treatments helps by helping us to cope mentally and emotionally and we then can function without the stress response being turned on.  Certain acupuncture points induce calm, clear thoughts and help us to see things with clearer perspective. 

Clare is qualified in Traditional & Japanese Acupuncture, biomedical science and nutrition.

She will spend time with you in a consultation before the course of treatment to understand your symptoms, how they impact your life, your medical history and how you are feeling physically as well as emotionally. The consultation is confidential.

Japanese Acupuncture practices a very gentle non-insertion or shallow needling techniques. This allows for a very comfortable treatment and is suitable for children, those with poor circulation or anyone who likes a more relaxing gentle approach or for someone who does not like the idea of needles.

Clare is also trained to work with clients using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). This type of therapy is a collaborative, structured style that is often used to treat anxiety.

She is a member of the the British Acupuncture Association. 

Acupuncture Treatments in Bloxham and Banbury

The first session lasts 1.5 hours and involves a consultation and treatment.  Subsequent  treatments last up to 1 hour.

Acupuncture treatments may or may not involve inserting needles.  All styles of treatments will be discussed with you at the consultation and different methods can be used to make you as comfortable as possible

A Japanese style of treatment called Shonishin involving no insertion of needles is used with children.  They often enjoy the treatment and great effort is used to put them at ease at all times. 

First Consultation £66

Subsequent Treatments £50