Could you benefit from Acupuncture Treatment and/or Blood and Functional Testing?

Clare Ward Acupuncture Clinic
in Milcombe near Banbury

Acupuncture is an alternative method of treatment and can work effectively to not only treat physical pain but also to treat psychological issues.

Suitable for: adults, teenagers, children and babies

A warm welcome to all visiting Clare Ward Acupuncture & Private Blood and Functional Testing Clinic

Suffering from pain or anxiety can be really disabling. First, we spend time talking and understanding the cause of your discomfort. Using my almost 20 years knowledge, qualifications, and experience as a practicing acupuncturist, we create a treatment plan to suit you, as every patient is different.

In addition, where helpful, Clare can recommend and/or carry out testing to consider hormonal, digestive, menopausal, male and female fertility, menopause, nutritional, thyroid etc.  She can also recommend exercise plans, supplements or mushroom nutritional products where necessary.   She can also assess posture and suggest correction/strengthening exercises to aid recovery.

Tests can be personalised to you.  If you want to test your thyroid but are also concerned about B12 or Vitamin D
For example – you can add these bio markers into your test.

Headaches/Back Pain/General Pain Treatment

Digestive Issues, Post Covid symptoms, Neurological symptoms, Cancer treatment symptoms.  Acupuncture is also good for women’s and men’s health and Clare also offers cosmetic acupuncture to encourage the facial muscles to work well.

Anxiety, Tension and Excessive Worries Treatment

Acupuncture has been proven to be effective in managing a range of different issues when used alongside conventional treatments. It involves the insertion of several fine sterile needles at specific points around the body to stimulate the nervous system.

For those patients with needle phobias, she offers a range of no-invasive techniques that can be as equally effective.
Acupuncture can be used for a variety of different reasons including acupuncture for back pain, acupuncture for weight loss, or acupuncture for anxiety or depression.

Clare offers private blood tests or blood withdrawal by appointment.

Please contact Clare by email to discuss your needs.

Acupuncture Treatments in Milcombe near Banbury

It is advisable to plan for 6-8 sessions although everyone is different.  To get the best out of treatment, it is best to book weekly and as we review progress at each session, we space out the treatments as your symptoms improve. 

The first session is a consultation with medical history that is currently being conducted over the phone so as to reduce clinic time followed by a treatment in clinic soon afterwards. 

Please wear clothing that is loose and comfortable. Ideally trousers should be able to roll up to the knees and in order to examine your abdomen and back, please wear trousers/skirt and a top in preference to a dress.

I have been trained in a gentle Japanese style of working which means that needles do not need to be inserted so it can be completely painless.  Alternatively, needles that are inserted are, at the most approximately .20mm in diameter and are shallow inserted to a depth of 2mm or so.

A Japanese style of treatment called Shonishin involving no insertion of needles is used with children.  They often enjoy the treatment and great effort is used to put them at ease at all times. 

First consultation and treatment £80
Follow up appts:  £68

Children & Young people
First consultation and treatment £80
Follow up appts:  £45

Private Blood withdrawal £45
Tests – various tests at different prices

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