Vision Loss Degenerative Eye Conditions

Acupuncture for Painful conditions (Headaches, migraines, Sciatica, Low Back Pain, Shoulders, Knees & Hips)

There is an enormous amount of research into acupuncture and its effects on acute and chronic pain.  In addition to acupuncture, Clare’s Pilates training will allow her to assess your posture and offer strengthening exercises where appropriate.

Women’s & Men’s Health

Women seek acupuncture to help regularise cycles at all stages of life.  It is helpful to address this as early as possible.  Women’s cycles should not be painful or debilitating or result in significant mood changes.   Men also can suffer with drops in mood or being quick to anger.  Acupuncture has a dashboard to address inappropriate emotion and can help enormously.

When couples are looking for assistance with conception – acupuncture can play a great part in helping systems work well by increasing circulation, reducing stress and helping to regularise the systems.  Testing is also available in the form of private home sperm tests, testosterone, women’s hormones including tests to determine AMH levels, Thyroid function, PCOS etc.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Clare can offer a treatment plan to help to bring good circulation to the face and neck and engage the muscles and drainage system for clarity and healthy bounce to the face.

Private Blood & Functional Testing

Clare is a trained medical phlebotomist and is able to take bloods for private testing or to arrange and conduct testing herself.  You can order tests directly if you prefer from Forth one of the world leaders in testing and Clare can assist you with the taking of blood if you wish or you can order a finger prick test and do it at home.  Either way, Clare is happy to work with you to interpret the results if you need it or order the whole test from start to finish.  Equally Clare works with another world leader in testing:  Genova Diagnostics and can work with you to take the test and interpret.  Clare is also currently in training to be able to offer Vitamin Injections.  Email for more details


Clare is trained and insured to recommend supplements and also mushroom nutrition products.  This can be discussed in clinic.

Babies & Children

Clare has trained extensively with a number of teachers in the UK but also trained in Japan with Paediatric Acupuncture specialists.  Her passion is to treat babies and young children with sleep, digestive and developmental issues. Paediatric acupuncture is gentle and non-invasive but very effective and each treatment plan is unique to your child’s own constitution.

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