Traditional Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Wemons health

The dynamic, complex systems of a woman’s body can be affected by so many different influences.  Hormones are expected to be switched on at certain times and off at others – the body is a highly tuned being. 

Factors that can affect the body’s natural actions are stress, trauma, pain, diet, lifestyle, illness which can result in disharmony with periods, moods, anxiety, tension in the body, delays in getting pregnant, staying pregnant, recognising yourself for who you really are and a whole range of many different, difficult symptoms that can vary throughout a woman’s cycle or around the menopausal time.

Pre Conception Preparation

Just as you would prepare the nursery, it is important to prepare your bodies for conception.  Looking at factors such as diet, emotions, lifestyle can all affect the physical aspects of our bodies and can help with the emotional aspects too. 

Talking through these aspects can help you take a little more control as you prepare yourselves to have a family.  Over half the couples coming to my clinic are looking to conceive naturally. 

Many come to support assisted conception procedures such as IVF.Research shows that acupuncture works by stabilising hormones, reducing stress and increasing blood flow to reproductive organs.

Even during this time of isolation, we can prepare ourselves by reducing stress, making dietary changes and improving the flow of qi in our bodies.

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