Home Blood Tests to Take Control of Your Health

Our own intuition tells us when things are not working well within our own bodies.

We can experience symptoms such as fatigue, pain, difficulty in losing weight, irregular periods, low libido and many others.  With home test kits we can now answer some of the questions that we have.  Is my thyroid working well?  Are my hormones rising and falling as they should?  At the right time?  How is my kidney and liver function?  Stress levels?

Our test kits can be delivered directly to your home to complete the easy to manage finger prick blood test.  Within days you will have a doctor reviewed report to show you the levels of your biomarkers. Although almost all the tests are available in finger-prick versions, all are available with a blood draw.  

You can contact me at [email protected] to request a blood draw (from £45). 

Tests can be personalised to you.  If you want to test your thyroid but are also concerned about B12 or Vitamin D
for example – you can add these bio markers into your test.


Women's Hormone Testing

MyFORM®, is the only test available in the UK which analyses if your hormones are fluctuating in the expected pattern throughout your entire menstrual cycle. Unlike standard tests which give women a result for a single day, MyFORM® gives women unrivalled insight into their personal hormone variations over their individual cycle. Ideal for women who are not on hormonal contraception or
HRT and want to check for hormone imbalance, fertility, and hormone-related conditions.

Advanced Health Check

Our Vitality blood test is ideal if you want a more in-depth look at your health. It provides insights into bone health, heart, liver and thyroid function, energy levels, nutrition, immune health and hormones.


Menopause Health

Our menopause test kit is a good health check up if you have reached menopause or are post-menopause. It checks key areas of your health such as your heart and bones, as well as hormones that could be affecting your mood, sleep and energy. 

Baseline Plus

The Baseline Plus general health blood test is a great way to get a snapshot of your overall health and wellbeing. It provides insights into some of the most essential health markers including bone health, heart function, liver function, thyroid function, and energy levels. 


Ultimate Health Check

Our Ultimate home blood test gives you a full health assessment by checking 36 health markers covering heart health, liver & kidney function, thyroid function, muscle function, nutrition, immune health, hormones and more. 

Advanced Thyroid Health

Test thyroid function and check for thyroid autoimmune conditions with our advanced thyroid blood test.