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Children’s Digestive Issues

Children’s tummy pains are often considered to be like the adult’s headaches – recurrent, unpredictable and a worry but often investigations show no real cause. 

Treating children’s tummy pains can often be very easily treated with acupuncture.  The digestive system is often a victim of a stress response in the body.  As soon as the “fight or flight” state is invoked, blood is diverted from the digestive system to other parts of the body that need to be alert to danger and ready to overcome.  Although this type of danger is rarely experienced, it is still often invoked for low grade stress and worry.  This can lead to the stress response being on more often than necessary and the lack of blood supply to the digestion can cause disruption to the process and cause tummy or abdominal pains and sometimes bloating or general discomfort making eating unappealing.

This may be one reason why both a child or an adult has tummy aches – both of whom may not feel stressed at all.  But it is one reason that tummy aches can occur.  Acupuncture is a homeostatic treatment and is excellent at restoring the harmonious action of our biorhythms and feedback mechanisms.  It is not a talking therapy, although your practitioner will ask you some questions about how you feel in order to understand your symptoms.  But it will help you feel at ease physically and mentally as it is a holistic treatment.

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