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Falling Apart….
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You have got to that age where you are taking exercise seriously. You have maybe started running or are counting steps daily.  All was going well but then the pain started – knees, hips, lower back – all typical culprits. How can this be when you have really looked after yourself?

Firstly, well done on starting to look after yourself. Taking responsibility for your own health is critical for staying well. Often the issue is a structural one. 80% of our body weight should flow through the arches of our feet. If the pelvis is not sitting correctly or the scapula is out of line then you end up with incorrect weight distribution. So the long walks or runs can seem to exacerbate the symptoms as too much weight can be pounded through areas of the body that are not stable enough to take it.

Many nations across Asia begin the day with exercise routines that move and warm up all parts of the body. This is not part of our culture but it would be very beneficial particularly from the age of around mid-40s. Getting circulation to all parts of the body and moving our muscles helps to reduce the stiffness that comes with a sedentary lifestyle. However, when things start to hurt – it’s time to consider welcoming Pilates into your life. Joseph Pilates designed a whole system of exercises designed to strengthen the structure of the body. His exercises specifically work muscles that need to support the body when it reaches or leans for example. Think suspension bridge if you will.

If you don’t have aches and pains, I would encourage you to try a course of Pilates classes to isolate and wake up muscles that have been slow to support other muscles when called upon. If you do have aches and pains, then perhaps consider some acupuncture to help reduce inflammation that the pain will have generated and also to reduce some of the muscle tightness or spasming and increase circulation to the weaker areas.

I’m short, there is light at the end of the tunnel and often muscular aches and pains can be resolved with some gentle interventions such as acupuncture, and a prevention plan to keep your body strong and agile is very possible.